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"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen." -- Claude M. Bristol

Ever wonder why your competitors keep cropping up in coverage - whether it be national dailies, on big-time TV broadcasts, the Internet, or even in local business magazines?

The fact is, a lot of media pickup isn't always driven by stellar press releases, according to Dan Forbush, president and founder of ProfNet, a PR Newswire service that puts journalists in touch with experts and sources for breaking stories.

"There are two essential approaches to media placement. One is to persuade reporters that your organization has news worth reporting. This approach is deliberate and release driven. The other is to persuade reporters that there are individuals within your organization who - because of their industry perspective or some form of expertise - are worth interviewing. This approach is opportunistic and pitch driven."

Play The Expert Game

Play reporter. "Forget for a moment your own organization's objectives, and read the world as a reporter would," Forbush advises. "Given your beat and the readers you must satisfy, what topics are of interest? What angles do you find fresh and provocative? With which sources - with what expertise - do you want to be in touch with?"

Become a matchmaker. "Having performed that analysis, you can now play the role of matchmaker," he continues. "Ask yourself, 'Which individuals within my organization or my clientele can satisfy these reporter needs? And what presentations will be most persuasive?'"

Identify ideas for the masses vs. tailored pitches. "When you write a news release, you're packaging ideas for reporters in masses," Forbush says, "but when you write a pitch, you're tailoring an idea for a single reporter. You're saying 'I think you'll be interested in this person because' - and you have a good reason for thinking so because you've done your homework. You've read the publication, or you've watched the show, and you know what works and what doesn't. Via Lexis-Nexis or Google, you've researched the reporter's work, and you're familiar with his or her recent reporting."

Adopt a long-term perspective. "In all of your relationships with reporters, adopt a long-term perspective," he cautions. "You should craft your pitch carefully in such a way that - even if the reporter doesn't take you up on your offer this time - you can be confident your next pitch will be read. This helps cultivate your standing as a reliable source."

Perform an Expert Audit. "You can be a reliable source only if you have a thorough knowledge of your organization and have identified everyone who can be helpful to reporters and how," Forbush says. "For this reason, when you join a new organization or take on a new client, you should always perform an 'expert audit.' Sit down with colleagues or clients and identify who can talk effectively about what."

Develop platforms for spokespeople. "By profiling your spokesperson(s) on your websites and expert resources for reporters, you provide easy accessibility to these experts," Forbush says. "If you have an expert who can speak on a 'hot topic' that is currently in the news, consider sending out a media advisory alerting reporters to the availability of your spokesperson, and his or her position on the topic." 




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Search Engine Secrets      By Earl B. Hall

Search engines, in most cases, should not be considered the
"end all" for advertising and promoting your web site. When
done properly it can generate a significant amount of traffic
for almost no cost. It will take a little time and effort
though. But, the pay off can be multiplied times over.

There are millions of web sites, with more being added daily.
Guess what! A great many of them fail to use proper meta
tags. These are used by search bots to index your site.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

1. Use your most common keywords in the title. Most search
engines will weigh these heavier in their ranking system.

2. Use the plural form of your keyword. (example: "books",
instead of only "book". When a person looks for either
"book" or "books" your web page will be pulled up.

3. Use both upper and lower case spellings of your keywords.
(example: books, Books, BOOKS). More than 3 common forms of
the same word will not help much. Although, common
misspellings can help.

4. Use combinations of your targeted keywords. People
generally search using phrases containing two or more
keywords. (example: "storage facilities", "STORAGE
FACILITIES") To really target your market, add the words
"self, "SELF" and "your city/state". Lots of visitors that
can't buy your product/service aren't of much value.

5. You must use meta tags. Many search engines index your
site by the meta tags. These go between the <head></head>
tags in your html and will not show on your web page. View
the source on one of the top ranking web pages for specific

<TITLE>your title goes here</TITLE>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="your page description">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="your keywords go here">

Here's an example from one of our web pages.

<TITLE>A to Z free, low cost internet marketing resources,
bulk email software,ezines</TITLE>
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" content="Grab the latest free and
low cost software, tips, tricks and tools. Get more
visitors, repeat traffic and create more income from your
<META NAME="KEYWORDS" content="internet marketing, Marketing
, free ezines, FREE EZINES, E-zines, bulk email, BULK EMAIL,
software, SOFTWARE, web site promotions, home study courses,
selling on-line, sales help, advertising,">


6. Use a good combination of your 10 to 20 best keywords .
Keyword rich text is often the deciding factor in your
ranking. HINT: Try to use your strongest keyword at the start
of each paragraph and/or search phrases early in the text if
possible .

7. Fill the ALT tag in your image links with keywords.

8. Every page of your site should be registered with the
search engines, not just the title page. HINT: Many of the
search engines will re index your site periodically and if
there has been no change you could lose positioning, so keep
your content fresh.

9. Warning! Keyword spamming is a technique that some
people have used in the past to gain good ranking. It's done
by repeating your keywords over and over. Then, changing
the color of the text to match the background of the page.
Many search engines will penalize you if you are caught doing

10. Create & customize a unique web page for each major
keyword. Design it specifically for each major search engine.
This will take some time but, once completed can dramatically
improve your rankings. HINT: Make sure it contains a link to
your index page and a few others as well.

Article by Earl B. Hall. Real folks are making big money online. Grab your share - drop by   now. 

When You Give, You Shall Receive

You can increase your marketing exposure effortlessly by placing your ad on free stuff, then allow other people to give it away. The more people that give away your free stuff the more your ad will be seen. Most free stuff can be created easily and without little or no expense. Electronic freebies are perfect because with these types of freebies there's no shipping or physical material costs. 

Below are some popular types of electronic freebies.

Free e-Coupons/e-Gift Certificates-Give your visitors free electronic coupons and gift certificates for your products or services.

Free e-Books-Give your visitors a free electronic book.
The e-book should be related to your web site theme.

Free e-Reports-Give your visitors free electronic reports. The reports could be in auto-responder form or in text format.

Free e-Courses-Give your visitors a free electronic course. They could e-mail your follow-up auto-responder and be sent a lesson each day.

Free Software-Give your visitors free software. It could be a game or a useful utility. Just have them download it right from your web site.

Free Online Services/Utilities-Give your visitors free online services or utilities. They should be ready to use right from your web site.

In conclusion, when you use this marketing strategy it will quickly spread your advertising all over the Internet.




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